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Gone are the long days driving in 40+ degrees temperatures along the Tanami with the soles of your shoes melting on the floor boards, the only air coming into the cabin was through a big hole in the hot metal dash and around the melting gear stick boot on the floor. The only cooling came from a warm wet towel wrapped around your neck, unless you were lucky enough to be driving a 320 Coolpoweredd Mack with a Kysor roof topper, everything you touched gave you 3rd degree burns and if you were luck 2nd degree burns. We also shouldn't forget those freezing night hauling 14 tons of fast freight for Kwikasair along the Hume with the windows down, a distant crackling AM radio station playing Don Mclean's American Pie and the waking sound of the 8v71 Gimme screamin under the cab of the almighty Kenworth K125; just to keep the front windscreen from frosting up, it must not of been no more than 2 degrees outside.... ahhh they were the days some would say.

Move ahead 40 years; everywhere you go is air conditioned, your house, the local shopping centre; even the truck stops. Nearly every new car and truck sold today comes standard with air conditioning. With Australia's harsh climate you can go from -3 degrees at night in the middle of Australia to +40 in the north within less than 18 hours of driving, this puts a big load on the trucks air conditioning system and an even bigger load on the human body with fatigue setting in rapidly resulting in injury or death.

Air conditioning in heavy vehicles; namely truck have come along w
ay over the years from the luxury of having only the cab cooled to having the cab and sleeper cooled by separate units like the Ice Pack, Viesa, Ecowind or Bycool to name a few.

At Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning we understand the high demands placed on drivers, owners and logistics support staff regarding duty of care, responsibility and the legal consequences if something did happen. Vehikool can provide solutions to help you overcome the stress of managing the unexpected problem leading to unfulfilled deadlines  and unhappy drivers.


For over 10 years Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning have and still are the true experts when it comes to keeping your trucks wheels rolling with minimum downtime and inconvenience, with  24 hour 7 day a week on-site and workshop service plus our large range of spare parts; together with our fully trained service technicians you can be assured we will try our hardest to get your rig back on the road where it should be and making you money.

From one truck to a fleet big or small; Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning can provide a tailor made solution to suit your needs by offering prompt on site response times, quality guaranteed workmanship and warranted spare parts. For your own peace of mind and to stand by our strong business ethics and customer focus; if your trucks air conditioning unfortunately stopped working after we have worked on it and we can't get to you; we'll organise for one of our Australia wide dealers to act on our behalf, if it's warranty issue we will pick up the cost. Just one of the ways we try harder by doing the right thing.

The staff at Vehikool Automotive air Conditioning has a extensive knowledge of new and older truck air conditioning systems from factory integrated types; to aftermarket systems from Air International, Air 2000, Autofrost, Cooltemp, Prestige Auto Air, Denso, Kysor, Sanden, Crisp Air,  Reddot, Cabin Comfort, Coolacab and Air Freeze. Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning can also help  you with regassing, servicing and repairs for your  stand alone (APU) diesel powered auxiliary sleeper cab units like Ice Packs from Haultech, Sleepair, Thermoking, Rig Master and Ecowind, including 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC battery powered units like Rencool, Piccolo, DC Airco, KoolKat, Webasto Bycool, Pure Air and Viesa.

So it doesn't matter if you need to install a rooftop  integrated  aftermarket or sleeper cabin  air conditioning/heating system, regas, service or repair your existing factory or aftermarket system Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning can help you.