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Freezing winters and hotter longer summers combined with the onset of modern cars travelling greater distances, traffic queues getting longer and people spending more time driving to and from work, the importance of a proper working car air conditioner, heater or cooling system has never been greater.

At Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning we can help you to ensure your car's air conditioner is working to 100% efficiency' saving you money on fuel and costly future repairs, we offer a range of services and solutions from diagnostics, installations, regassing/servicing and repairs. It doesn't matter if you need a simple regas or a complete overhaul, maybe new AC hoses or a AC compressor; we can do it all. Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning is the holder of refrigerant trading autority licence number AU00881; and all our technicians are licensed with the (ARC) Australian Refrigeration Council and are highly trained and skilled in all aspects auto electrical, mechanical and refrigeration on all types of vehicles.

Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning has been providing car air conditioning solutions since 1999, being an RAA approved repairer specialising in