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Freezing winters and blistering hotsummers combined with the onset of modern cars travelling greater distances, trafficqueues getting longer, people spending more time driving to and from works andthe increasing costs of fuel and the never declining expense of running a car;the importance of a properly working car air conditioner, heater and coolingsystem has never been more greater.

Since opening our doors for the firsttime back in 1999; we have been helping many happy car owners by ensuring theircar air conditioning system is working reliably to 100% efficiency' saving themmoney on fuel, costly future repairs and more importantly looking after theirhealth and wellbeing, we offer a range of services and solutions fromdiagnostics, installations, regassing/servicing and repairs.

One of the biggest trends we have started to see is unlicensed and unqualified people with very little training working on car air conditioning systems. At Vehikool we only use quality parts, the latest tools, specialist equipment and worlds best practices, all our service technicians are highly trained and skilled in all aspects of auto electrical, mechanical and refrigeration for all types of vehicles and are licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). Vehikool also holds a Refrigerant Trading Authorization License Number AU00881 issued by the ARC, This license ensures the safe use and disposal of all harmful refrigerant gases helping to save our environment now and into the future.

For our customers benefit and peace of mind, Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning is an Approved RAA Repairer specialising in automotive air conditions and a factory authorised and trained Denso service centre.