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Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning has strict policies and procedure in place to help save you; our customer money but more importantly the environment for our future generations, we won't just regas or service your car air conditioner to help with our bottom line and make more profit. We would sooner see a potential customer walk out our doors not spending a cent than do below standard work.

When you have your car 's air conditioning service and regassed by Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning you can rest assured all the work carried out by our licensed highly trained specialist technicians and is of the highest standards and  in accordance with the current "Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995" act and Worlds Best Practices.

Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning has implicated a 7 step procedure to help maintain the constant high standard of workmanship and customer service you would expect from South Australia's Premier Automotive Climate Control Specialist.

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The 7 MOST important steps in regassing/servicing your car's air conditioning system

Ask the customer
The first part is to find out from the customer information about the problem, when it first started, the history of the vehicle and most importantly what they would like us to do.

Explain to the customer
The second part is to explain to our customer in easy to understand terms what we will be doing, how much the service and regas is estimated to cost, any other work we may recommend and our payment terms and conditions including warranties and free inspections.

Visual inspection
The third part is where we start getting dirty and investigating what may be causing the problem or is some case discovering an unknown problem, in the visual inspection our service technician will  check for any signs of damaged, missing or loose parts, signs of refrigerant leakage, refrigerant gas pressures, belt condition, and anything else that maybe a cause to  reduce the performance and longevity of your car's air conditioning system. PLUS we also check to cooling and battery/charging system.

Operational inspection
The fourth part involves checking the operational condition of your car's air conditioning system, our service technician will check to see the inside blower fan, vent selector, heater controls are working as they should, the compressor for operation, making sure the condenser and engine fans are functioning correctly and that there are no strange noises.  We will also take another pressure reading along with checking the air temperatures coming out of the vents. At this point if we find anything not quite right we will notify you of any additional steps or work that may be needed or recommend.

The above 4 parts are totally FREE to our customers.

The service
The fifth part is by far the most important aspect of any air conditioning regas/service and there are stringent government and industry guideline to follow, this is what makes or breaks a good regas/service. First is to reclaim the used refrigerant gas from you air conditioning system and weigh the amount reclaimed, when fully reclaimed we'll compare the reclaimed refrigerant gas against the correct factory refrigerant gas weight, this helps our service technician decide if high pressure nitrogen pressure testing or further investigation is required to find a possible leak. At this point If everything checks out OK our next step is to carry out any repairs or routine maintenance; routine maintenance may include the replacement of the receiver/filter/drier, orifice tube, cabin filter, tightening engine belts and cleaning the condenser in front of the radiator. Once our technicians are confident that your air conditioning system is sound and in good repair; only them will they continue on to the next part of evacuating your air conditioning system of any moisture and air using a high volume vacuum pump, evacuating the air conditioning system takes a minimum 30 minutes to complete dependent on humidity and system capacity. After the 30 minute minimum evacuation; you air conditioning system is held in a deep vacuum for an additional 5 minutes, this in addition to our other leak detection methods helps to ensure there are no obvious leaks present.

If we find a problem or leak it may be illegal for use to regas your car's air conditioning system. 
The Regas
The second to last part of our air conditioning regas/service is to refill your car air conditioning system with the correct type and importantly the correct amount  of clean refrigerant gas, the refrigerant gas amount is always weighed in grams according to vehicle manufacturers specification, an average car air conditioning system will require between 500 to 800 grams (based on R134a system). Whilst regassing our service technician will add any extra refrigerant oil if needed and UV leak detection dye, onced finished regassing you car's air conditioning system out service technician will carry out a performance test to ensure the pressures are correct, the temperature out of the vents is within specification and perform an electronic leak check.

The end......
The final part of our seven step procedure is to apply  service stickers to the car, under the 
"Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995" service stickers have to be applied to all vehicles stating date of service and replacement date of the receiver/filter/drier , type and amount of refrigerant gas used, the name and license number of the service technician; also the service sticker must include the name of the business how did the work and their Refrigerant Trading Authorisation number. The last part is to complete all paperwork relating to the regas/service, a quick check for greasy marks; and give the paperwork to out administration staff for invoicing. When all this is done; only then can the happy customer come and pick up their pride and joy.

OPPS!!! nearly forgot
One other very important part of having you car air conditioning system service By Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning, our famous industry leading  FREE inspections; for all regases/services we do; we offer our customers 2 FREE inspections, one in 4-6 weeks after we have done the original job and then another FREE inspection in 6 months time, if you've had a compressor replace you will also receive as a bonus; another FREE inspection at 11 month after the original work just before the warranty expires. If we find a fault in the first FREE 4-6 week inspection and extra work is required; we'll have a look at the whole job costing  and base any extra costs as if the work was done on the original job, helping you save money. Just another way we try to do the right thing by the customer and part of the Vehikool Advantage.

Plus as a bonus
When you become a Vehikool Advantage customer you have access to priority booking for you and your family and 24hr 7day telephone support.

But wait.... there's more
No only kidding.

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