So you need your air con or heater fixed



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The use of car air conditioning has come a long way over the years; from being a luxury in the 70's to becoming a necessity in the 90's, having a car air conditioner not working properly is worse than having holes in your sock; something you can live with other things you can't.Maybe you've noticed over the last couple of years your car air conditioning just doesn't seem to get as cold as it once did or cuts the mustard, takes ages to cool down and you're sick of your friends cars blows ice cubes every time you jump in it........ Or you just want to to do the right thing and have the air conditioning system fitted to your pride and joy serviced and maintained 100%.

If you answered YES; it might be time to get your car air conditioning regassed/serviced. At Vehikool we can help solve your problem by regas/service your car air conditioning system to Australian industry standards and worlds best practices using industry accepted ozone friendly R134a, environmentally friendly HR12 hydrocarbon or just released HFO-1234yf refrigerants.