So you need your air con regassed and serviced



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The use of automotive air conditioning has come a long way over the years; from being a luxury in the 70's to becoming a necessity in the 90's, having your air conditioner not working properly is worse than having holes in your sock; something you can live with other things you can't. Maybe you've noticed over the last couple of years your air conditioner just doesn't seem to get as cold as it once did or cuts the mustard, takes ages to cool down and you're sick of your friends cars blows ice cubes every time you jump in it........ Or you just want to to do the right thing and have the air conditioning system fitted to your pride and joy serviced and maintained 100%.

If you answered YES; it might be time to get your air conditioner regassed/serviced. At Vehikool we can help solve your problem by regas/service your air conditioning system to Australian industry standards and worlds best practices using industry accepted ozone friendly R134a, environmentally friendly HR12 hydrocarbon or just released HFO-1234yf refrigerants.

Many years ago a simple AC regas comprised of no more than topping up lost refrigerant gas until it blew cold air and watching for the bubbles to disappear in the sight glass. These days it's a lot more complicated with advances in vehicle technology and stringent laws limiting the impact on the environment, there has never been a time when the importance of who you choose to regas/service your pride and joys air conditioning system has been more fundamental.

Reassing automotive air conditioning system was a common occurrence back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, most owners would get their air conditioner regassed at least every couple of years or maybe less, back then it was the norm for the refrigerant gas to "Just run out" and nobody knew or thought any different, even if it did have a leak and the leak was only small; the air con guy would top it up with a bit more R12 and tell you to come back next summer for another $20 top up. Little did we know the damage we were causing to the fragile environment we live in and regrettably our own long term health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately there are still many so called untrained "air conditioning specialists" who live in the dark ages of top ups, not only are these people breaking the law, harming the environment and your health and taking your hard earned money, they also do below standard work, have very little training and definitely no ongoing training, don't have the latest specialised equipment or tools and if at all have very little respect to you; the customer, our environment or other people’s health costing you and everyone else  a lot more in the near future. The plain truth is; if an air conditioning system has lost refrigerant gas or stopped working; it has to have a leak and it needs to be found or there is something else wrong that needs to be fixed and if their prices and what they are offering sounds too good to be true; chances are they might be a shonk doing 1/10th the work for 1/2 the price. Click here to find out how to tell if you're getting ripped off!

All car air conditioning systems should be regassed/serviced at least every 12 months, not when it stops working, you don't service your car when it stops working! Car air conditioning systems unlike your house air conditioner or fridge requires annual maintenance due to the harsh environment it works in. The advantage to you the customer by having it professionally regasses/serviced every 12 months is our skilled service technicians can pick up on any small problems that may lead to bigger more costly problems down the track; before it costs you BIG time.

A properly performing maintained car airconditioning system can also save you money in other ways by reducing fuelconsumption, wear and load on other car components and most importantly helpingthe environment with reduced harmful refrigerant gas and vehicle engineemissions; at the same time keeping you, your family and friends comfortableand safe.

Today it is all about providing a high standard of work and more importantly properly maintaining the air conditioning system fitted to your car by following the correct procedures, gone are the days of squirting a little bit more refrigerant gas in until the air conditioner blows cold air, or at the least just checking it. At Vehikool Automotive AirConditioning our air conditioning regas/service is more about maintenance and making sure you get 100% performance on the hottest days reliably now and into the future.

The regas is only one part of ourre gas/service, the rest of it involves finding out information from the customer, explaining to the customer what we are going to do, performing visual and operational inspections, removing and reclaiming old refrigerant gas,carrying out any needed repairs and replacing any service parts including the receiver/filter/drier, orifice tube and cabin filter, cleaning the condenser and tightening all engine belts. The few final steps involves regassing your car air conditioning with the correct clean refrigerant gas to the correct amount (weight), checking to see if it's working within specification, doing paperwork before handing it back to you; the happy customer.  Click here to see what you get in our regas/service.

And as an added bonus Vehikool provide all our customers FREE of charge 2 FREE inspections, one in 4-6 weeks after we have done the original job and then another FREE inspection in 6 months’ time, if you've had a compressor replace you will also receive as a bonus; another FREE inspection at 11 month after the original work just before the warranty expires. If we find a fault in the first FREE 4-6 week inspection and extra work is required; we'll have a look at the whole job costing and base any extra costs as if the work was done on the original job, helping you save money. Just another way we try to do the right thing by the customer and part of the Vehikool Advantage.

Vehikool has strict policies and procedure in place to help save you; our customer money but more importantly the environment for our future generations, we won't just regas/service your car air conditioner to help with our bottom line and make more profit. We would sooner see a potential customer walk out our doors not spending a cent than do below standard work.

When you have your car 's air conditioning service and regassed by Vehikool you can rest assured all the work carried out by our licensed highly trained specialist technicians and is of a high standard in accordance with the current"Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995" act and Worlds Best Practices.

Vehikool has put inplace a 7 step procedure to help maintain the constant high standard ofworkmanship and customer service you would expect from South Australia'sPremier Automotive Climate Control Specialist.

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