Need an air conditioner, cabin filter or heater installed




Sick of driving around with you window down sweating and feeling hot and bothered; maybe you feel the cold, suffer from asthma or are the toxic chemicals of our modern society making you ill. If you have been thinking of getting one fitted for years; now’s the time to do it.Why not ask Vehikool; we have over 25 years’experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of all types of quality car and light vehicle air conditioning, filtration and heating systems.

Most modern cars and light vehicles produced over the last 10 years have factory air conditioning fitted as standard or as an option, if your car or light vehicle didn't come fitted with airconditioning and you would love to be cool this summer; you have four options.

Air conditioning kits come in many shapes,sizes and types. The most common is the factory style integrated systems that use the factory vents and controls. There is also an option of an underdash style unit that incorporates it's own blower fan and controls in a small package, these units also offer the option of a heater.

If a factory or aftermarket air conditioning system is not available for you car of light vehicle, with our in house manufacturing facilities we can custom manufacture a system to suit your need.New or old; we can fit air conditioning to anything.

At Vehikool we only use high quality components for all our installations from reputable leading manufactures like Sanden compressors and condensers, Goodyear Galaxy hose, ATCO fittings, Ram Air engine mount kits and Gates belts. All new installations are covered by a 12 month Australia wide warranty covering workmanship and new parts.

All our high quality components are specifically chooses to provide many years of trouble free use and will exceed the minimum capacity and durability required. We don't design air conditioning, filtration and heating system based on price....... we design them to work and be reliable.

1)  New factory air conditioning kits -

Many new factory air conditioning kits are still available; unfortunately vehicle manufactures in most cases only offer these kits for an additional 3-7 years after the vehicle model has been discontinued. Please telephone us to check availability.

2)  Newaftermarket air conditioning kits -

Over the years aftermarket air conditioning kits have become as scarce as rocking horse.... well you know what I mean, back in the mid 1990's they was more than 10 Australian based manufacturer of aftermarket air conditioning kits; today there is only a few left who manufacture kits for a few specific makes and models only.

3) Second hand factory and aftermarket air conditioning kits -

If an air conditioning kit is not available new for your car or light truck; you have the option to source a second hand factory or aftermarket kit to suit your vehicle from the wreckers. The downside of finding a second hand air conditioning kit is you don't really know the true function and condition of it until the kit has been fitted and is running. If we cannot source all the parts needed for a complete kit; we can re manufacture or recondition any missing or damaged parts bringing them back to near new condition and functionality

4) Custom manufactured air conditioning kits -

If it is impossible to obtain a new or secondhand complete air conditioning kit for your car or light truck; Vehikool can custom manufacture a complete kit to suit your need. Our in house design and manufacturing facility has all the right equipment and experienced qualified staff.

Cabin Filters - Active Carbon and Pollen -

Getting sick from the air you're breathing,worried about your health and wellbeing, don’t have a factory cabin filter. At Vehikool we can manufacture, supply and fit pollen and active carbon cabin filters to suit any vehicle, we have helped many who have allergies caused by pollenosis (pollinosis) commonly called Hay Fever or asthma or are allergic to many of the 100 plus toxic environmental chemicals and air pollutants we breathe in daily.

Heaters -

Feeling the cold on these very chilly winter mornings and nights. Vehikool can supply and fit aftermarket heating to help make you comfortable, we carry a range of heaters that run of your car cooling system like a conventional car heater or 12 volt electric heaters with it's own heating element.

Demisters -

Foggy windows making it hard to see where you're going, need a demister in your kit car to pass the South Australian motor reg inspection. Vehikool has over the years supplied demister systems for all types of cars.