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A word of   WARNING

Before booking in your pride and joy in to to a particular place to get your air conditioner regassed/serviced or repaired, please check the credentials of the place you're taking it too including the person doing the work, as they say "if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is". There are many shonks and cowboys in the industry whose main motive is to get as much out of a customer as they can and offer no support once they have got your hard earned money, most of these people do well below standard work and cut corners. Sure it might blowing cold air when you leave and you've saved a shit load of money; but what happens when it stops next week, they don't want to know you and if they do; chances are they don't know how to fix it. The truth is in most cases those reputable businesses with strong honest ethical and moral beliefs are left to pick up the pieces....... ask us about the horror stories or click here.

16 ways you can check to see if they are Professional -

Do they -

  • Present well?
  • Sound professional?
  • Know what they are talking about?
  • Offer a warranty?
  • Guarantee their work?
  • Provide and offer free advice?
  • Have appropriate insurance?
  • Have a good reputation?
  • Have appropriate training?

Are they -

  • Qualified in what they do?
  • Accredited for the work they do?
  • Licensed by Australian Refrigeration Council?
  • An RAA Approved repairer?
  • In a clean and tidy uniform?
  • Members of any organisations?
  • Recognised in the industry for all the right reasons?

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions be on the look out, chances are they might  be a shonk or cowboy.

And if in doubt ask for proof and check with the RAA (you don't have to be a member), the  Australian Refrigeration Council also offer a service whereby you can check to see if the business and the individual technicians are licensed (click on the above link) - Make sure you tick "CAR AIR CONDITIONING" on the left hand side of the screen.

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