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About us - Vehikool 

Vehikool was conceived and established by the current owners Richard and Lynette Schmidt and first opened their doors on a cold and wet July morning in 1999. The concept of Vehikool came about 18 months prior after the forecasted future closure of Australia's leading heavy vehicle air conditioning company; Cabin Comfort due to the directors retiring.  

Cabin Comfort; 
part of the much larger Auto Aire group was a major player in the Design, installation, manufacturing, repairing and servicing of Earthmoving, Heavy Vehicle and Rail air conditioning systems, Richard spent 13 years employed at Cabin Comfort overseeing the running of their workshop at Wingfield.

After the closure of Cabin Comfort; Vehikool started trading from humble beginnings operating from home with one Ford Falcon van and one man, strong ties were formed with many a new customer large and small, over 85% of these original customers are still trading with us today on a regular bases.

Richard has over 30 years experience in all forms of automotive and industrial mechanical, automotive  electrical and metal fabrication, Richard learnt his trade after working for a range of automotive workshops including stints at a Ford dealership and a heavy earthmoving, crane and mobile plant workshop. During his time at the earthmoving, crane and mobile plant workshop Richard became interests in the heavy vehicle industry leading to jobs at Highgate Car Air Conditioning, Auto Aire and eventually a position at Cabin Comfort.  

Lynette has over 25 years experience in the transport and workshop administration side and brings a wealth of experience to Vehikool's busy office and workshop, apart from overseeing the office administration; Lynette also so plays and active and at times stressful role of organising spare parts, jobs and our staff for our workshop and field service operations. 

Over the last 14 years Vehikool has grown at an astonishing rate and from operating from home with one van and one man to having over 500 Sqm of office/workshop and warehousing, 4 field service vehicles and a staff of up to 7. Vehikool has grown to be recognised as one of South Australia's leading automotive air conditioning companies and has gained the title of "South Australia's premier automotive climate control specialists"

Vehikool's main business interests are in the construction, earthworks, mining, transport, logistics and utilities service provider (electricity, emergency services, gas, rubbish and water) based industries, however it's not just the the BIG gear or LARGE companies we look after, we also supply our great range of services to the general public for passenger, 4x4 and custom, classic and collectable vehicles gaining a strong following based on our reputation for quality workmanship, attention to detail and skills in all aspects of automotive air conditioning, filtration and heating (HVAC), automotive electrical, automotive cooling systems and metal fabrication.

Supplying technical support to other repairers, workshops and wholesalers is another important part of Vehikool Automotive Air Conditionings daily activities, this support is provided free of charge throughout Australia.

Vehikool stocks and supplies a large range of leading automotive air conditioning, filtration and heating (HVAC), automotive electrical and automotive cooling system spare parts for cars, earthmoving, heavy transport, material handlers, mining, mobile plant and trucks to the trade, corporate and retail markets, many of the spare parts we supply are either original equipment (OE) sourced from the manufacture or high quality aftermarket equivalents.

Vehikool operates a full metal fabrication facility, this enables us to custom modify and manufacture our own air conditioning  filtration and heating systems (HVAC) and components to suit a large range of vehicles and applications. Having access to sheet metal folders, brake presses, guillotines, plasma cutters, manual and CNC lathes and mills, welding equipment including oxy acetylene mig and tig has enabled us to maintain a high standard of workmanship and manage demanding time restraints. We can also off

Training and technology play a major part in Vehikool business model and is paramount to our success now and into the future. All staff members are required to attend regular general business and customer skills training and all service technicians are required and encouraged to attend specialised up to date industry training sessions held locally in Adelaide and interstate. As more and more vehicle and component manufacturers embrace technology Vehikool has followed suit with the latest diagnostic tools and specialised equipment, helping to keep pace with all the ever changing advances in automotive technology Vehikool are members of specialised automotive technical databases and subscribers to many trade publications.

Contact, contact contact, sick of your call not getting answered or going through to message bank or answering machine,Vehikool state of the art multi line telephone system ensures a call never goes unanswered 24 hours a day 7 day a week and your call will never be answered by a machine or sent to a message bank. All calls coming in to Vehikool are automatically assigned and transferred to the next available staff member, for after hours; your call will be answered by an Australian call center operator and a message will be sent straight away to our after hours staff.

If you prefer / text or SMS, during normal business hours Vehikool accepts all text / SMS messages, once you text / SMS message has been received or staff can either respond to you message with a return message or telephone call on the number you have provided to us, this service is ideal for people with communication disorders, language difficulties and hearing or speech disabilities. IF you text / SMS outside our normal business hours; your enquiry will be answered the next business day.

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